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0-10V Natural Ventilation Control

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The CCM-204 Natural Ventilation controller with BACnet communications provides up to 2 zones of energy efficient 0-10V window or ventilation actuator control. The CCM-204 will effortlessly monitor and control ventilation within schools, universities, libraries and other building types that require natural ventilation.   

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Key Features

  • Up to two zones of natural ventilation control
  • 24V AC supply
  • Native BACnet MS/TP communications
  • Master/Slave grouping
  • Inbuilt calendar time clock
  • Rain, wind, fire and heat interlocks built into control strategy
  • Fully compatible with Titan Products environmental sensors
  • Bespoke features for individual projects
  • Upto 4 x 0-10V outputs
  • 2 x 24V AC triac outputs
  • 7 x 0-10V analogue or digital inputs
  • 4 x 10K3A1 sensor inputs
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Titan Products

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