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Advanced CO2 Monitoring

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Maintaining comfortable CO2 levels has proven to improve productivity in the workplace and learning in educational environments. At Titan Products we offer a wide range of wired, smart and wireless CO2 sensors which help maintain the required comfort levels by accurately and reliably monitoring CO2, humidity and temperature conditions in applications that includes schools, universities, libraries, auditoriums, offices and 24 hour occupied stations.

For applications that just require monitoring, we offer our indication only, battery powered TPCO2-IND/L unit which can effortlessly alert the occupants when CO2 levels are rising via a simple and easy to understand traffic light LED indicator.

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Key Features

  • Wired, Smart or Wireless options available
  • BACnet, Modbus, Zigbee 3.0 or 0-10V options
  • CO2, temperature and humidity combined options
  • LED indication options
  • 30-60m indoor wireless signal strength (depending on building type)
  • up to 5 year battery life on wireless devices
  • UK designed, developed and manufactured by Titan Products

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