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Education and Commercial Control

Our energy efficient and networked control solutions are designed to provide the highest levels of productivity within working and learning environments by maintaining comfort conditions through accurate control.

Ranging from Natural Ventilation and Co2 monitoring applications to Air Handling Unit control to VAV control, the CCM range of controllers offer control solutions to all major commercial and educational control applications.

Natural Ventilation

Designed to ventilate and cool spaces, natural ventilation is one of the most energy efficient methods to control a buildings comfort conditions. By aiding natural airflow through a classroom or space, energy costs are kept to a minimum while productivity levels are maximised.

The natural ventilation solutions from Titan Products are designed to provide accurate window and ventilation control of multiple zones to maintain comfortable temperatures and reduce Co2 levels in the space. 

All natural ventilation solutions are fully networkable to a building management system via the inbuilt BACnet communications within each controller.

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CCM Control Options

The CCM control options from Titan Products are designed to provide networkable control solutions for a number of applications covering Air Handling units (AHU), Multi-zone heating applications, Variable Air Volume (VAV) Differential Air Pressure and Air Velocity applications.

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CO2 Monitoring Solutions

Maintaining comfortable CO2 levels has proven to improve productivity in the workplace and learning in educational environments.

At Titan Products we offer a wide range of wired, smart and wireless CO2 sensors which help maintain the required comfort levels by accurately and reliably monitoring CO2, humidity and temperature conditions in applications that includes schools, universities, libraries, auditoriums, offices and 24 hour occupied stations.

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Commercial Fan Coil

Our FCU-4 controllers and RDU-4 interfaces can be supplied with control modules that are perfect for controlling any size of commercial or office space ranging from large open plan offices and retail shop floors to smaller offices, meeting rooms and board rooms.

The FCU-4 will effortlessly control all outputs within the fan coil to accurately control the fan speed while positioning the heating or cooling actuators to maintain the ideal working conditions within the space.

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