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CO2 Monitoring

CO2 Monitoring Solutions

Titan Products offer wide and flexible range of CO2 sensors to suit your application. Whether you need a wired sensor giving a 0-10V CO2 and Temperature output or wireless CO2 measurement which can be exposed directly onto a BACnet or Modbus network we can provide the solution the for you.

Wired CO2 Sensors

These supplied with a 0-10V CO2 sensor output scaled 0-2000ppm as standard with the option of either a second 0-10V or a resistive temperature output depending on your requirements. All Co2 sensors have further options to add LED indication for Co2 levels and an additional 0-10V output for humidity levels within the space.

They are fully comptible with the Titan Products Natural Ventilatoin and Multi-Purpose BACnet temperature controllers which offer ventilation on demand control ensuring CO2 levels are maintained in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

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Smart CO2 Sensors

The next generation of sensors from Titan Products are here. Offering Smart communications via a BACnet MS//TP or Modbus network, the sensors are designed to monitor and communicate multiple measured conditions across a single network reducing install costs and time.

Supplied with Native communications, the combined Co2, Humidity and Temperature sensors are fully interoperable with 3rd party BMS and network controllers.

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Wireless CO2 Sensors

Our wireless range of Co2 sensors are designed to drastically reduce on site wiring costs and installation time along with providing increased flexibility in sensor location due to the cabling restrictions being removed by a wireless solution.

All sensors offer a long battery life and include options for Temperature and Humidity outputs and LED indication. They communicate over long indoor distances to the Titan network co-ordinator and exposes this information directly onto BACnet or Modbus communication

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0-10V CO2 SensorSmart CO2 SensorTPZ-Net CO2 Sensor
Wall Mounted yes yes yes
CO2 Scaling Output 0-2000ppm 0-2000ppm 0-2000ppm
Temperature Output yes yes yes
Humidity Output Option yes yes yes
CO2 LED Indication Option yes yes yes
Digital Input/Output Control yes yes
Automatic Background Calibration yes yes yes
24VAC/DC Power Supply yes yes
3.6V Battery Power Supply yes
Output Type 0-10V Wired Output BACnet or Modbus Wired Output Zigbee Wireless