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Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

The Natural Ventilation solutions are made up on four key product areas; the sensors, the controllers, the user interface and the window positioning modules.

The sensors monitor the temperature and CO2 conditions in this space along with the external environmental conditions such as outside temperature and rain. The controllers interpret the monitored condition and position the windows or ventilation dampers accordingly. The user interface allows the occupant to set their desired internal temperature set point and to see environmental conditions such as current temperature and CO2 levels, while the window positioning modules allow the occupant to manually override the window or ventilation dampers open or closed.


As standard the Natural Ventilation controllers from Titan Products are supplied with a number of input interlock options to override the temperature control and positioning of the windows / vents based on the environmental conditions inside and outside of the building. These include; fire & smoke, strong winds, rain, CO2 and low external temperature detection.

If any of the above conditions are present the controller can be set up to adjust the ventilation control accordingly. For example, if rain is detected the windows can be placed in a minimum position to allow fresh air into the space without causing rain to enter the space.

The Controllers


CCM-204/NV Controller

The CCM-204 Natural Ventilation controller provides accurate 0-10V controlled ventilation for up to 2 spaces and BACnet MS/TP communications as standard.

The intelligent control incorporatea flexible window or damper positioning strategies for when high wind, fire, smoke, rain and heating interlock alarms are detected. An extract fan boost option to improve air movement through the space when the vents are fully open is also available to maximise natural ventilation performance.

NVC-1204 Controller

Providing up to 3 zones of natural ventilation control, the NVC-1204 controller provides accurate proportional positioning control of 24VDC driven window and ventilation drive chains with BMS connectivity via BACnet MS/TP communications.

The 3 zones of control can operate independently for individual zone control or be driven in unison for banks of windows or ventilation systems that require the same control positioning.

Natural Ventilation Room Display Units

Set temperature set points, view Co2,Temperature and ventilation levels for each zone and activate built in extension override functionality all via the attractively designed RDU-4 user interface.

Window Positioning Units

When added to the solution, the ACO Window Positioning Units allow for manual override of the controlled window position.