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FCU-4 Hotel System

FCU-4 Hotel System

The FCU-4 fan coil controller and RDU user interface provide flexible and energy efficient HVAC control combined with low cost user interface aesthetics.

Offering flexible 0-10V or 24V control of the heating and cooling valves and 0-10V or relay switching control for the fan control, the FCU-4 controller will cater for all HVAC control requirements with the hotel guest room. With flexible control combined with its intelligent control regimes and BACnet MS/TP communications

When coupled with the RDU-4/CR and DND corridor plate the system adds door access, Do Not Distrub and Make My Room indication within the guest room, the corridor and on the hotel BMS via the integrated BACnet communications. A standard RDU-4 can be used if Do Not Disturb and Make My Room functionalities are not required.

Incorporating ECO control modes as standard, the FCU-4 fan coil controller, controls the guest room temperature automatically depending on the let status of the guest room. These ECO modes can be adjusted to provide different control parameters depending on whether the room is unlet, let but unoccupied and let and occupied to ensure the least amount of energy is used to achieve the room comfort level when requested..