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Natural Ventilation Control

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Titan Products specialise in Natural Ventilation control and provide a range of BACnet controllers, environmental sensors and user interfaces to effortlessly monitor and control ventilation within Schools, Universities, Libraries and other building types that require natural ventilation.

Depending on the controller used, the range offers 1, 2 or 3 zones of Natural Ventilation control for either 0-10V and 24VDC driven actuators. All controllers are fully compatible with our CO2, Temperature and Rain environmental sensors working efficiently in unison to maintain confortable working conditions.  

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Key Features

  • BACnet communications as standard
  • Up to 3 zones of 24VDC drive chain control
  • Up to 2 zones of 0-10V control
  • Co2 and Temperature control
  • Rain, Wind, Fire and Heat interlocks built into control strategy
  • Fully compatible with Titan Products environmental sensors
  • Master / Slave functions Inputs for fan proving, high temperature cut out, remote ON/OFF, and condensation cut out of cooling etc.
  • Bespoke features for individual projects

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