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Residential Comfort Control

Our products provide convenient comfort adjustment of all rooms within a property, whether controlled from our Central Control Screen, RDU interfaces or from your phone via our Remote Access App.


Whichever interface you select, the solutions are designed to seamlessly communicate to our energy efficient FCU BACnet controllers which offer flexible fan coil and underfloor heating control.


The Central Control Screen


The Central Control Screen delivers a complete comfort control interface for all zones within a property from a single location. This allows the user to effortlessly select different setpoints, control modes and time schedules for each room, providing ultimate flexibility and integration of the heating and cooling systems.


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The RDU Touch

The RDU-Touch is the latest generation of high end comfort control zonal interfaces from the Titan Products RDU range. Offering high quality material finishes along with an attractive and intuitive touch screen interface, the RDU-Touch is the perfect tool for setting the temperature comfort conditions and control modes within the room.


The RDU-Touch is the perfect partner to the Central Control Screen adding zonal control in any space within the property


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Remote Access App

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the remote access app presents the user with a replica RDU-Touch screen for each controlled zone in the property. Fully synchronised with the in-wall RDU and Central Control Screen, the app allows the user to adjust the control settings of each room without having to get up from their favourite TV programme.


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The Controllers

The energy efficient room control is performed via the Titan Products FCU range of controllers. With features such as fabric protection, system flush and BACnet communications as standard, the application specific controllers hold all the control logic for the room and can be used stand-alone, in a Master/Slave group or connected to aa BMS system.

The range topping FCU-503 also has the ability to control a second, completely independent underfloor heating zone further reducing install costs. This is designed for spaces such as ensuites, bathrooms or dressing areas adjacent to the main controlled space.

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The NetMaster

The NetMaster router is a high-performance, intelligent and secure communications product designed to route BACnet MS/TP network points to BACnet IP.

When using the Central Control Screen or Remote Access App the NetMaster 2000 is used to administer all event handling and to fully synchronise the system utilising native BACnet and IP communications.

The NetMaster 2000 can also act as a IP Router to third party audio/visual and lighting systems.

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Multi Drop

Multi-drop offers the ability to connect up to four RDU-Touch user interfaces to one FCU-503 comfort controller. Perfect for open plan living areas or large spaces where multiple adjustment locations are desirable or for properties where more than one room is being controlled from a single controller.

By simply connecting the Titan RDU-Hub to your FCU-503 the ability to add up to four, fully synchronised RDU-Touch user interfaces opens up a number of control options while offering great potential for reduced install costs.

The Complete System