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Central Control

Central Control Screen

The Central Control Screen delivers a complete comfort control interface to all zones within a property from a single location. This allows the user to effortlessly select different setpoints, control modes and time schedules for each room, providing ultimate flexibility and integration of the heating and cooling systems.

Adjust Temperature

Alter temperature settings and control modes

Time Schedules

Set flexible time schedules for each connected zone

Set Holidays

Easily set holiday off time periods

Communicating to the Titan NetMaster 2000 which in turn communicates to all FCU-503 comfort controllers on the network allows each room to benefit from energy efficient and accurate control. Synchronisation of all room control and user interfaces is seamless via the native BACnet communications utilised by the system.

Key Features

  • Adjust temperature/control modes from a central location
  • Set flexible time schedules in seconds for any zone
  • Wi-Fi or wired IP communication solutions
  • Set up holiday periods
  • Branded screens available
  • 7 inch wall mounted screen