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By connecting the low cost RDU-Hub to the FCU-503 controller Titan Products creates the ability to connect up to four RDU-Touch user interfaces, or three RDU-Touch and a DND-Touch corridor plate, via a POE style connection meaning only an RJ45 connection is required from the Hub to each RDU-Touch. This makes the install quick and cost effective without any screen generation or complex addressing procedures required for the communications to flow fluidly.

Residential Applications

  • Open plan kitchen and living area where you require two points of control adjustment in different areas of the large space.
  • Multiple spaces being served from a common fan coil or heating circuit, for example a bedroom and living area.


Hotel Applications

  • Multiple points within the guest room to adjust their comfort settings, such as by the guest room entrance and by the bed head.
  • Full synchronisation with guest's room demands selected on the RDU-Touch displayed on the DND-Touch corridor plate.


Key Features

  • Connect up to 4x user interfaces
  • All connected interfaces fully synchronised
  • Allows multiple adjustment points in one space
  • Plug and play setup via RJ45 connections
  • No complicated wiring or programming for setup
  • Reduced install costs