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Remote Access App

Remote Access App

The intuitive Remote Access App is designed to allow remote adjustment of the Titan Products comfort controls within the property. The app offers two main features; remote control of the comfort conditions from inside and outside of the property, and the ability to set up and edit extremely flexible time schedules. The app allows the user to view and control each FCU-503 or FCU-501 controller within their property that is connected to the TP-NM-R/2000 network router as part of the Titan Products Residential Solution.

From the intuitive user interface, the user can then select their room and adjust the temperature setpoint, control mode and fan speed.


They can also turn the control on or off from inside or outside of the property to ensure the comfort conditions are exactly to their needs*.

The time schedule interface allows the user to quickly and easily set up a flexible time schedule that caters for:

  • Multiple ON/OFF events per day
  • Each ON period to adhere to a different temperature setpoint
  • Event to be allocated to different zones and days


* Requires Wi-Fi broadband and mobile data connections.

Key Features

  • Dynamic user interface for all connected property zones
  • Cloud based system architecture
  • Adjust comfort controls over Wi-Fi or mobile data connection
  • Flexible time scheduling for each connected zone
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Downloadable via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store