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Room Display Units

Room Display Units

Attractive temperature control interfaces for use in residential, hotel and commercial buildings, our Room Display Units are designed to be used with Titan Products BACnet controllers. The Room Display Units can be used to adjust the temperature setpoint, fan speed selection and comfort control modes within the space and can be supplied in a number of finishes to suit your requirements.


Room Display Unit

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Room Display Unit with Time Scheduling

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Room Display Unit with full capacitive touch screen

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Compatible with FCU-4 controllers yes
Compatible with FCU-501 controllers yes yes
Compatible with FCU-503 controllers yes
LCD Display & touch sensitive buttons yes yes
Full Colour Capacitive Touch Screen yes
Time Scheduling with override yes yes
Holiday set up with override yes yes
In-built temperature sensor yes yes yes
Multi-drop compatible yes
Branding options available yes
Bespoke colour surrounds available yes yes yes
Connection type to controller RJ11/6x6 RJ11/6x6 RJ45