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CO2, CO, Humidity & Dew Point Sensors

CO2, CO, Humidity & Dew Point Sensors

Sensing and controlling certain envinronmental levels is crucial to the safety and productivity of people within enclosed envinronments. That's why our range of sensors at Titan Products specifically includes sensors which monitor Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), humidity and dew points.

If you want to make sure the teacher knows to open a window (using LED indication) because the CO2 levels in the classroom are too high; or to set the ventilation system to kick-in when there's high CO levels in a carpark or lorry port, these are the sensors you need.

There's also a sensor which will help you monitor humidity levels in areas such as a greenhouse, laboratory or swimming pools; activating the environmental controls appropriately to reduce the humidity. And, for anyone with a cooling system that suffers from condensation and dripping, the dew point sensor will remove this issue by triggering the system to respond when chilled water pipes are reaching their dew point.

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