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Networkable BACnet Controllers, Routers and Network Devices

Networkable BACnet Controllers, Routers and Network Devices

If you want to control and monitor your heating, ventilation and air conditioning from a central location, then your controllers will need to be on a BACnet system. BACnet communications allow data to be collected, conditions to be monitored and provide control of the environment from a central hub through the Building Management System (BMS). Our BACnet enabled controllers are ideal for control in large properties where connectivity is crucial to energy efficiency, such as hotels, large office complexes, hospitals, universities and residential properties.

Our range is manufactured for control of fan coil, natural ventilation, underfloor heating, VAV, chilled beam and other HVAC applications. In addition to our application specific controllers, Titan Products offer a range of flexible network devices which include:

  • BACnet MS/TP to IP network routers
  • Modbus to BACnet gateways
  • Intelligent BACnet IO expansion modules

All our controllers are compatible with the full range of Titan Products temperature sensors and because they are application specific, we can create bespoke software for your particular project.

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